Heritage Nine

Heritage #1 Par 5

Position your drive middle to left side of the fairway. Second shot requires a fairway wood and positioned middle to right side of the fairway to set up a short iron or pitch to the green. Longer hitters should be able to attack this hole in two shots.

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GOLD 531
BLUE 503
RED 427

Heritage #2 Par 3

This is a terrific Par 3 featuring a large pond in front of the green. Be careful when the pins are in the corners as the bunkers eagerly await an errant tee shot. Middle of the green is never a bad play, however this green is one of the largest on the course. When the wind blows you can need as much as two extra clubs.

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GOLD 190
BLUE 161
RED 106

Heritage #3 Par 4

A short par 4, but you can get in trouble in a hurry. Ideally place your tee shot past the 150 on the right side of the fairway. Left side of the fairway is often blocked out by overhanging branches. Left of the fairway is jail, and right is even worse. The longer hitter can try and drive the green if wind conditions are favorable.

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GOLD 337
BLUE 315
RED 279

Heritage #4 Par 4

Often regarded as the toughest hole on the golf course, a long straight tee shot is key. Left of the fairway is almost impossible. Right of the fairway is your only bailout. Club selection is key on the second shot as this is the largest green on the course. Green is fairly flat, so if you can get it close you can birdie this long one!

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GOLD 440
BLUE 430
RED 346

Heritage #5 Par 5

Pond down the left side needs a strong tee shot to clear. Bailout area is right, but be careful of the bunkers! Shallow green is tough to hit and stick in two, so the best option could be to lay up to a good yardage. Two very good shots are required to get home in two!

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GOLD 521
BLUE 496
RED 451

Heritage #6 Par 4

Favour the right side of the fairway, right of the 150 marker. Anything left of that risks being blocked out by the trees on your second shot. There is some bailout area to the right, but be aware of the bush behind. A long iron or hybrid is often a good selection, however if the wind is blowing the right direction you could try and run a driver up close to the green. A tricky green awaits that slopes away from the center in both directions. Choose the right club because you don’t want to have to putt from back to front or vice versa. And don’t forget, there’s a pond behind the green!

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GOLD 363
BLUE 345
RED 281

Heritage #7 Par 4

This a great par 4 that can be played a variety of ways. For some, the safe way is a mid-iron past the 150 and then straight in from there. For others a fairway wood or hybrid to the end of the fairway straight out is the best option. For the daring few, hit a drive right of the poplar tree and hit it high and hard. It’s about a 275 carry to clear the pond. Be aware of other players if you try though.

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GOLD 334
BLUE 316
RED 252

Heritage #8 Par 3

This seems like a simple par 3, but it has some teeth. Bunkers left and right come in to play a lot. Right is bush, left leaves you with a chip over a hill, and the green has two tiers. Pick the right club and put a confident stroke on it.

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GOLD 180
BLUE 172
RED 124

Heritage #9 Par 4

This a beast of a finishing hole. Very long par 4 requiring a long, accurate tee shot. Right handed players need a slight fade to get the most out of the tee shot because the left side is jail. Don’t hit it right either because your next shot will likely be a pitch out to the fairway. If you find the fairway you’re likely to have a long iron or fairway wood into the green that slopes severly from left to right on the back half of the green. Good luck!

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GOLD 470
BLUE 455
RED 385