Millennium Nine

Millennium #1 Par 5

Tee it high and hit it straight. This wide fairway is a good spot to get your round started on the right foot. Second shot requires a fairway wood or long iron to clear the environmentally-sensitive area. Again, straight down the middle is the best option. You may need to lay up short of the ditch. Third shot would now be a short pitch. A large green awaits with some tricky pins in the front right and back left positions.

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GOLD 527
BLUE 513
RED 443

Millennium #2 Par 4

Be careful – there is a pond 10 yards past the 150 marker that is tough to see from the tee. If you’re hitting a driver, aim at the yellow roof in the distance. Otherwise, hit a hybrid or fairway wood out to the 150 and then go from there. The green is typically hard so bouncing one in might be an option.

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GOLD 401
BLUE 388
RED 268

Millennium #3 Par 3

A mid to long iron is required to hit a long green. Make sure you carry the fairway bunker. Subtle breaks make this a challenging green. The pot bunkers on both sides of the green should be avoided at all costs!

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GOLD 192
BLUE 185
RED 133

Millennium #4 Par 5

Depending on which tee you are playing, you may need to stay left of the pond on the right. Longer hitters on the white and blue decks should be able to carry the pond with a good tee shot. Be careful on the second shot if you are going for it in two – there is no room to miss on either side. Lay up to the 100 which is just over the ditch, hit your wedge in and make a four. Getting greedy could land you in trouble!

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GOLD 552
BLUE 501
RED 401

Millennium #5 Par 3

There’s a pond in front, a pond to the right, a pond left, and two bunkers long. Choose the right club and put a confident stroke on the ball because this short par 3 has teeth. The green tends to be firm so a high trajectory is needed to hold the putting surface. Middle of the green is never a bad spot. Pins on the front right and front left can be “sucker pins.”

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GOLD 167
BLUE 145
RED 82

Millennium #6 Par 4

This is one of the toughest on the Millennium side. A long straight tee shot is needed to be able to hit a lofted iron into an elevated green. Approach shots that get caught up in the wind or are just a little short will find the bunker in front. Long hitters must be careful not to drive it through the fairway if the wind is from behind.

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GOLD 440
BLUE 427
RED 360

Millennium #7 Par 4

Anything straight is fine here on this shorter par 4. Be careful if the pin is front left as it is tricky, if not next to impossible to get close.

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GOLD 391
BLUE 370
RED 297

Millennium #8 Par 3

Check the yardage and hit the right club because this is a long green with a lot of hazards all around. The obvious one being the pond down the right side.

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GOLD 180
BLUE 160
RED 119

Millennium #9 Par 5

Hit everything you have off the tee and keep it straight. Left is OB and right is in the pond. Long hitters with the right wind conditions can cut the corner, but don’t cut too much! It will take two Herculean shots to hit this in two so play smart and lay one up to the 100 yard marker. Keep your approach below the hole to leave an uphill putt. If the wind is in your face this is a mighty challenging finishing hole!

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GOLD 556
BLUE 538
RED 462