Vintage Nine

Vintage #1 Par 4

Keep it straight. Hit something you know you can place in the fairway because the short hole can be tricky if you get off line. What looks to be a flat green is actually fairly tricky so try and leave yourself below the hole.

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GOLD 367
BLUE 358
RED 303

Vintage #2 Par 4

Hit your tee shot hard and straight through the shoot. This is a long par 4 so be prepared to hit a mid-long iron into a small green. In the old days this used to be #18, and although the backdrop has changed, you can still hear the echos of the peanut gallery from the old clubhouse.

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GOLD 414
BLUE 398
RED 361

Vintage #3 Par 4

One of the best holes on the golf course. Keep your tee shot to the left side of the fairway. Anything right will bounce off the fairway and be blocked out by the trees. Second shot from the elevated fairway is into a small green that slopes from back to front.

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GOLD 449
BLUE 424
RED 344

Vintage #4 Par 3

Toughest par 3 on the golf course. 200 yards to a tiny elevated green that slopes away on all sides. If you’re going to miss, miss it short. Long is trouble, and left and right are going to leave difficult chips. That’s not the worst part. If you’re above the hole be careful – once it get rolling it’s tough to stop!

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GOLD 210
BLUE 201
RED 160

Vintage #5 Par 5

Your tee shot is going to have to avoid the three large trees that stand across the fairway. One option is to hit a fairway wood down the center and keep it out of the trees. Lay the second shot up to the top of the hill and you’ll have 100 yards left to a small and tricky green. There are greenside bunkers that can’t be seen from the fairway so if you try for it in two, you’ll have to either fly it to the green or trickle it down Lusby’s lane because otherwise your next shot will be a bunker shot.

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GOLD 532
BLUE 511
RED 410

Vintage #6 Par 4

A short par 4 but a scorecard wrecker. Demanding tee-shot requires a straight wood shot or long iron, positioned short of the fairway bunker straight ahead. Second shot will then be played with a short iron to a very small green that is guarded by a bunker left and out of bounds just a few yards over or right of the green.

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GOLD 327
BLUE 304
RED 280

Vintage #7 Par 3

A short uphill par three that you need to control your spin on. Too much spin could back up off the green. Green slopes from back to front so try and leave an uphill putt if you can!

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GOLD 126
BLUE 120
RED 110

Vintage #8 Par 5

Here’s your chance to get a shot back after a challenging stretch of holes. Be careful of a tight landing area for the longer hitters. Get the ball in the middle for an easier approach to a small and tricky green. Don’t get sucked in by the back left pin position. Hit it to the middle of the green. Large numbers can result from getting too cute.

If you are brave and manage to hammer a long drive down the middle, you can enjoy a short iron 2nd shot. Miss it right though, and you’re in deep trouble.

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GOLD 482
BLUE 470
RED 405

Vintage #9 Par 4

Long par 4 featuring an apple tree at the end of the fairway. Hit it long and straight because your second shot is to a very elevated green. The green slopes severly from back to front so an uphill putt is mandatory. Whatever you do, don’t hit it over the green because your next shot will leave you with nightmares.

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GOLD 414
BLUE 401
RED 322