Membership in the Listowel Golf Club provides the Member with the right to use the facilities in accordance with the Terms of Membership and the rules and regulations established for the golf club.

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Membership includes unrestricted playing privileges at the Listowel Golf Club. Members have access to the online booking system which allows two weeks advance booking, and 10 days advanced booking by phone. Members have the opportunity to participate in Club organized golf and social events, in accordance with event fees. Membership does not include entry in any tournament play at Listowel Golf Club, excluding Member events. All Membership fees must be paid in full prior to being granted any Membership privileges.

Membership is identical to the Adult Membership but is offered only to adults aged 20-29 as of April 1.

The Student Membership at the Listowel Golf Club includes all of the privileges outlined above in the Adult Membership; however valid proof of enrollment in a full-time educational institution is required.

Junior Membership at the Listowel Golf Club includes unlimited playing privileges at the Listowel Golf Club, but is subject to certain time restrictions. Juniors are permitted to play only after 2 pm on Weekends and Holidays unless accompanied by an Adult Member or Guest, and anytime Monday to Friday. Juniors receive the same online booking access, as well as the same advanced booking privileges.

Beginner Membership at the Listowel Golf Club includes unlimited playing privileges at the Listowel Golf Club, but is subject to restrictions.  The beginner membership is designed to expose new young players to the game.  Beginners are required to be accompanied by a fully paid adult at all times.  Beginner Memberships are not valid on Thursdays, or before 2 pm on Weekends and Holidays.

The Range Membership package includes two buckets per day on our Practice Facility. Range Memberships are available in 5 or 10 game packs.  These vouchers may be split into nines.  Tee times will be accepted two weeks in advance for weekdays and 10 days in advance for weekends and holidays. Range Members may participate in League play and member events.

Membership allows Members of Listowel Golf Club to use its facilities upon payment of applicable entrance fees and annual dues and is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Acceptance as a Member does not entitle a Member to, or confer upon the Member, any investment, ownership or equitable interest in the Club or any of its assets. The Club has the sole and absolute right and discretion to operate, maintain, repair, modify, expand, sell, finance, dispose, lease, license or otherwise deal with the Club or any of it Facilities as it sees fit.

Listowel Golf Club will use reasonable efforts to have the Golf Course available for play by Members. The closure of all or any portion of the Golf Course for repair, maintenance, improvement or expansion and the use of all or any part of the Facilities for the purpose of private functions, corporate events, public play or otherwise, shall be at the sole discretion of the Club, acting reasonably.

Listowel Golf Club and the owners reserve the right, from time to time, to amend the terms of Membership, or make any other changes in the terms and conditions set forth in this Membership Plan. Failure to observe and abide by the terms of Membership or the Rules and Regulations of Listowel Golf Club will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in suspense or termination of playing privileges.